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A huge thanks to the 164 participants in #JdBI2014. Thanks for these four exciting days sharing scientific advances in bioinformatics. Here is a group picture.

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 All approved abstracts are accessible via a simple Google-like Search Tool within your private area. This tool allows finding all abstracts by applying filters such as authors, exact words, title or affiliations. Log in and find any keynote, oral & poster presentations abstracts. Abstract Search Tool

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Poster instructions
  • Posters will be presented by the authors and displayed at the cicCartuja main hall of the first floor.
  • Three sessions will take place throughout the symposium, as shown in the calendar below.
  • Poster reference can be found in the book of abstracts and through the abstract search tool.
  • No reference will appear on poster boards, hang your poster on any spot available.
  • The maximum size of poster boards is 120 cm 120 cm.
  • There will be pins available for hanging the posters on the boards.
  • Please note that authors are responsible for putting up the posters on the corresponding board and day, as well as removing them at the end of each session.

22 September 2014

  • Metagenomics: A5-01
  • Evolution & Phylogeny: D2-01 to D2-04, D3-01, D4-01, D5-01 to D5-04, E1-02
  • Student Symposium: S1-03, S1-06 to S1-08
  • Highlights: H1-03, H1-04
  • Integrative Biology: B5-10, B5-11

23 September 2014

  • Structure & Function: E1-01, E2-01, E2-02, E3-01, E3-02, E4-01, E5-01 to E5-09
  • Medical Informatics: C2-01 to C2-10, C4-01, C4-02, C5-01 to C5-11
  • Highlights: H1-06, H1-07

24 September 2014

  • Integrative Biology: B1-01, B2-01 to B2-05, B4-01 to B4-07, B5-01 to B5-09, B5-12 to B5-20
How to reach the venue
Centro de Investigaciones Cientficas Isla de la Cartuja (cicCartuja)
Avda. Amrico Vespucio 49. Sevilla (Spain)

Early Registration Closing
Thursday, July 10, 2014
Abstract Submission Closing
Thursday, July 31, 2014
Keynote lectures
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